Free Personalized Tutoring, Say What!!

Featured Picture:

This week’s Georgia picture is none other than the beautiful and charming Savannah, Georgia. Savannah which is known for its beautiful Spanish moss and delicious food is also home to another one of our physical centers! This center is located close to the Oglethorpe Mall so students can hit up the food court for grub or head to the store to shop after they finish attending school for the day!



What is it?

FEV Tutor is a free, one-on-one tutoring service available to all of our students! 

How does it work? 

After you are signed up for FEV tutor you can log on at any time by visiting You can request on-demand sessions for ANY class you are struggling in or if you know you need a little more assistance you can schedule recurring weekly sessions.

Below- please view the Live Session from FEV Tutor’s Ms. Kelsea as she goes into a deep dive of this incredible resource. Note: You will need to be a member of our Facebook group GACHS School Yard in order to view this video.


Next Week’s Post: The Importance of Time Management and specific time management strategies for GACHS students. 



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