Finishing the Spring Semester and Preparing for Fall

Featured Photo: This week’s featured photo is of St. Mary’s, Georgia. St. Mary’s rests on the banks of the (surprise, surprise) St. Mary’s river and is located in Camden county. In addition to being quaint and serene , Saint Mary’s is one of the first cities in America to have been explored by Europeans ( They must have thought the New World was a remarkable spectacle to behold as they gazed off of the banks of St. Mary’s and into the peaceful horizon. 

My goal with this particular post was to bring a fresh perspective to the age-old concept of “finishing the semester strong.” It would be easy for me to say “listen to your teachers and put in extra work to complete your coursework”, but I am going to try to approach this post from a different point of view 🙂 . As such, I do have one piece of advice, that if followed will help you finish the semester and I also have a challenge to help you prepare for Fall! Are you intrigued? I hope so! Let’s get to it!

Advice on how to finish the semester strong

In order to finish the semester strong all you need to do is one simple thing: let us help you. There are not many places in this world where people will freely give you their support and will pledge to provide you with resources to help you achieve a goal. But, with us, you have that. You literally have a whole team of people who are rooting for you and want to see you succeed. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t easy to see this when you are stressed out and are seeing the end of the semester approach quicker than you would like. However, if you keep in mind that we are here because we genuinely care about your success I think it may be easier for you to let us help you. If you let us provide you with tools that we know will work, we can help you in finishing your courses for this semester. So please! When we reach out via email or phone respond and interact with us and LET US HELP YOU! We are here to offer you all sorts of things, moral support, additional educational resources, provide a way to get in contact with your teachers, and even to help you break down how many activities to do each to get back on track. Every single person you come into contact with, your Edgenuity teachers, your counselors, your center coordinator, the staff on social media, we are all here and we chomping at the bit to help you, so let us!

Okay there’s the advice on how to finish your courses, are you ready for the challenge? I hope so! 

The Challenge

This may seem a little weird, but I swear it will work! In order to prepare for the Fall, I want you … challenge yourself this summer. I think almost every time I have failed to meet a goal I have set for myself that it personally has had to do with a lack of discipline in some area of my life. In order to combat this, I have learned to do something that pushes me out of my comfort zone. I find that doing something that makes me uncomfortable such as driving in cities, striking up conversations with strangers, or trying a new hobby, often makes me feel invincible afterward. This boost in my confidence often has a way of transferring itself over into other aspects of my life. I have found a direct relationship between my productivity and discipline after I accomplish something I didn’t want to or didn’t think I could. In fact, even though I hate running, I make it a point to run every day that I work because making myself do that, makes me feel accomplished and proud of myself. As a result, I find myself invigorated and ready to tackle the day.  So this summer take the time to do something that really challenges you. Maybe you will learn to play an instrument, or take a public speaking class, maybe you will train for and run a 5k or half-marathon. There is nothing too great or too small when it comes to really pushing you out of your comfort zone. Whatever you choose, choose something meaningful, (and consult with your parent/guardian to help you plan how to achieve your goal if it is a large undertaking), but do yourself a favor and follow through with it. I will be here to offer you support and will be your champion as you push yourself through whatever it is you want to do to step out of your comfort zone. When we start our new semester in the Fall, I want to hear all about how you challenged yourself and I want to see you use that momentum to start off the year on a strong note. 

The next blog post will only apply to a select few of you but it will be tips on how to succeed in summer school courses! 


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