Free Movement: What is it and how does it work?

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Free Movement in your Edgenuity courses

Free movement is a feature that is enabled during the grace period for GACHS students. This feature allows students to navigate freely through their courses via their course map. Normally in your courses you need to watch the warm-up, view an instructional lecture, complete some practice concepts, turn in an assignment, and take a quiz for each lesson and you have to do so sequentially. This is because the skills and concepts you learn follow a sequential order building off of one another. 

However, when free movement is enabled you can navigate to any lesson in your courses. This is extremely helpful in assisting students in completing their courses as it gives you control over what you learn. If you are someone who likes a particular era in US History such as western expansion you can jump to that lesson and complete it without having to wait to reach that point in the semester. 

Free movement for our seniors who are slated to graduate June 2 is already enabled. For the remainder of our students, free movement will turn on soon. For more information on when this turn please contact me via the Edgenuity portal. For the best practices relating to using free movement, please contact your Edgenuity teachers. 

As a reminder, your Edgenuity teachers are your go-to experts when it comes to anything Edgenuity related. When it comes to courses you want or need to take next semester, please contact your GACHS counselor. Below I will be including a list of counselor assignments

Ms. Eaddie– Students with last names beginning with A-D, R-SL, and W

Ms. Hibbah Agha– Students with last names beginning with E-L, and Y/Z

Ms. Karla Garfield– Students with last names beginning with M-P and Sm-V

If you need their contact information, please ask your center administrator. 

Looking Ahead– My next post will be on Success in Summer School and the subsequent expectations of students enrolled in summer school which will only apply to a select number of students. See you then!


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