Working on holidays or breaks, do you need too? Should you?

This week marks the revival of my featured town segment for each post. From here on out I will be featuring towns and cities in our great state on each of my blog posts. Up this week: Pine Mountain, GA. Pine Mountain is the home to many attractions including the little White House, Callaway Gardens, the FDR State Park. It is described as “a charming Southern town located just an hour Southwest of Atlanta.” ( It looks absolutely beautiful, drop a comment on my post if you have ever been there and have suggestions for a visit!

The Real Reason You’re Here

Okay, let’s get down to business, with Labor Day Weekend literally right around the corner I thought this would be the perfect time to address an issue that I always get questions about, whether or not students need to or should be working during holidays or over school breaks.  These are actually two separate questions so I will address both, but the very first thing I am going to do is include a link for you to access our school calendar so our readers know just when we have holidays or breaks 🙂


  1. Do I need to work on school holidays and/or breaks? The simplest answer to this question is no you don’t need too, but that is if and only if you have been putting in the required time in your courses. For information on pacing, please refer to pacing blog post by clicking hereIf you have not been putting in the time then you absolutely need to use whatever days and time you can to make up that time including weekends and holidays/breaks. 
  2. Should I work during school holidays and/or breaks? The simplest answer here is yes, you should. School holidays and breaks are not factored into your pacing so if you are already behind than making up time on breaks will help you tremendously. Also, did you know that if you finish all of your courses by the mid semester point that there is the possibility you could get more classes added after having a conference with your counselor? You didn’t? Well you do now! 

The takeaway here is that while you are not required to do work on holidays or over breaks, you should be doing work whenever you can especially if you are behind. It is really easy to get behind in your classwork and never dig yourself out of that hole. By putting in extra time when you are not required to do you are building a cushion. As an online school your attendance is gauged by how much you log on. It is really easy for life to happen and for something unforeseen to pop up (like an illness or family emergency) and cause you to miss time. If you spend extra time working you build up a bubble for yourself in the event something like this happens.  

As always, if you have questions or comments you can drop them below. The next post topic will be about something so helpful and awesome that it will remain a mystery until it occurs, unless of course you are a member of our school Facebook group. In that case I will tell you sometime in between now and then 🙂

Have a great rest of your week and a wonderful long weekend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to share a piece of my world with you with the creation of this blog post! I have compiled a list of the top five questions I am asked on a weekly basis! I hope you find the answers to these questions informative. Feel free to comment on this post any questions you have that you need an answer too!

  1. How do I communicate with my teachers?
    • GREAT QUESTION! Any time I get this question I am over the moon excited because it shows that all of my students are engaged and in charge of their learning. There are several ways to get in touch with your teacher, but in order to do so you need to know where to find their contact information. Below please find a screenshot of where you can find this information 🙂
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    • As soon as you log in at you are brought to the screen above. Click the circled “course information” tab and you will be brought to a page that contains the phone number and email address for all of your teachers. The best way to communicate electronically with your teachers is through the SIS platform. You can do that by selecting the Message section in the bottom left of the picture above. 
  2.  What do I do if I need additional support in a class?
    • There are several things you can do if you feel like you need a little more help in a course. The FIRST thing you should do is reach out to your teacher and find out when their study hall hours are held. Study hall is an online forum where you can ask your teacher for help and she or he can show you using tools how to work through whatever issue you are having. You also have access to concept coaches in all subjects when you are working in your courses. But, please note you cannot get help from concept coaches
    • forblogpost2
    • Select the circled green chat button to connect with concept coaches. You will then fill out the form the right of the green arrow and just like that you will have help! You also can access FEV tutor for additional tutoring in subjects. For more about FEV tutoring, click here and read my post on it 🙂
  3. I got a call about violating the attendance policy, what does that mean?
    • We have a strict attendance policy that is in place for a very good reason. You are violating the school’s attendance policy if you go ten days without logging on. This is because you will fall behind if you go this long without logging on. We want you to be successful and in order to do that you need to create good habits that start with logging on regularly. Violation of our attendance policy can result in withdrawal so it is very important not to violate it. If you have something come up that prevents you from logging on, please contact your principal, teachers, and counselor. This way everyone is aware of what is going on. I have some students who are amazing at doing this and I love that they are so responsible! 
  4. When can I graduate?
    • I am going to refer to you last week’s post created by our school counselors to answer this question, click here for the answer 🙂
  5. I need a document that states I am enrolled with your for either or to obtain my license, what do I do?
    • Contact your principal or counselor and we will put you in touch with the correct person to get you the appropriate documents. 

I would LOVE to hear any other questions you have. Several student questions I have gotten include: 

Do I have a school email? No, but you have the capability to email any teacher , counselor, or principal through your Edgenuity SIS.

Can you help with me with time management? Yes, but I will need to set up a conference to get some information from you to help me create a schedule for you 🙂

Next week’s post will go over all of the NEAT tools in Edgenuity to help you make the most of this experience and I will bring back my spotlight on Georgia towns and cities 🙂


Tips for a Successful Semester from your GAC Counselors

Hi Students! Below please see the welcome letter you will be receiving from your GACHS School Counselor. It outlines all of the important information you need to know in order to prepare yourself for your learning experience this semester with GACHS. 


We are happy you have joined the Graduation Achievement Charter High School family- GACHS for short!

How does this work?

We operate similar to a traditional school- you still have a principal, your classes are based on semesters (meaning you will have a Part A course and a Part B course for each full credit class), and you are still working towards a high school diploma. Attendance will be different since that is based on logging in to your classes. You need to log in and work on your classes at least 5 days a week. Do not go more than two days without logging in. If you do have a situation, please reach out to your counselor. Please regularly check your messages, email, and phone for communication from us. Feel free to reach out to us as well. Our school year is outlined in the GACHS School Calendar 2017-2018. You can login from our website At the top right, click Student/Parent Portal Login

How do I reach my teachers?

After you login, on the left you will see Course Info. From there, you can see all your teachers and their information. You can call or email them. Please allow them 1 business day to respond back. They are who you contact about your class assignments and course grade.

What grade am I in?

Freshman: 0-5 credits

Sophomore: 6-11 credits

Junior: 12-17 credits

Senior: 18+ credits

From the GACHS Parent & Student Handbook

How many credits do I have?

Your counselor keeps up with your credits and progress towards graduation. Reach out to them to find out how many credits you have and how close you are to graduating.

When can I graduate?

You can graduate when you reach the state graduation requirements. You need a minimum of 23 credits to graduate:

4 units of English Language Arts

4 units of Science

4 units of Math

3 units of Social Studies

7 units of Electives *3 units must be CTAE

1 unit of Health & PE

For additional information about these requirements, please visit Georgia Department of Education Graduation Requirements

Do I have to take any state tests?

Students must take the End of Course tests for:

9th Grade Literature , 11th Grade Literature, Coordinate Algebra, Algebra I, Analytical Geometry, Geometry, Physical Science, Biology, US History, and Economics.

EOC tests are 20% of the final grade. If a student is eligible for an upcoming EOC administration, the student will receive an email with details of the specific date, time, and location. For additional information End of Course tests, you can visit the Georgia Milestone End of Course Assessment Guide.

Counselor Contact Information:

Counselor Caseload

Ms. Keita Eaddie A-D

Ms. Hibbah Agha F-L, Special programs 

Ms. Karla Garfield M-R, YCA 

Mr. Kenton Pope S-Z 

If you have any additional concerns, please reach out to your counselor or success coach!

Free Online Tutoring

As part of our school, you have access to free online tutoring. To access this, you simply need to login to FEV Tutor with your Edgenuity login information. You will select which course you need help in and schedule a later time to receive support.

Social Media links

Follow us on social media to help you stay informed!

GACHS Facebook pages:

School Yard – Students and staff are able to communicate and interact with one another Parent Support – Parents are able to communicate and interact with staff and one another

Graduation – Seniors and parents can keep up with events related to graduation here **The pages are closed groups so if you’re having trouble joining, please reach out to the GACHS Counselor on Facebook

Tech Support GAC Student Tech Support

If you have any additional questions reach out to your counselor or to your center leader (Ms. L for the virtual students). 

We look forward to working with you this year!