Working on holidays or breaks, do you need too? Should you?

This week marks the revival of my featured town segment for each post. From here on out I will be featuring towns and cities in our great state on each of my blog posts. Up this week: Pine Mountain, GA. Pine Mountain is the home to many attractions including the little White House, Callaway Gardens, the FDR State Park. It is described as “a charming Southern town located just an hour Southwest of Atlanta.” ( It looks absolutely beautiful, drop a comment on my post if you have ever been there and have suggestions for a visit!

The Real Reason You’re Here

Okay, let’s get down to business, with Labor Day Weekend literally right around the corner I thought this would be the perfect time to address an issue that I always get questions about, whether or not students need to or should be working during holidays or over school breaks.  These are actually two separate questions so I will address both, but the very first thing I am going to do is include a link for you to access our school calendar so our readers know just when we have holidays or breaks 🙂


  1. Do I need to work on school holidays and/or breaks? The simplest answer to this question is no you don’t need too, but that is if and only if you have been putting in the required time in your courses. For information on pacing, please refer to pacing blog post by clicking hereIf you have not been putting in the time then you absolutely need to use whatever days and time you can to make up that time including weekends and holidays/breaks. 
  2. Should I work during school holidays and/or breaks? The simplest answer here is yes, you should. School holidays and breaks are not factored into your pacing so if you are already behind than making up time on breaks will help you tremendously. Also, did you know that if you finish all of your courses by the mid semester point that there is the possibility you could get more classes added after having a conference with your counselor? You didn’t? Well you do now! 

The takeaway here is that while you are not required to do work on holidays or over breaks, you should be doing work whenever you can especially if you are behind. It is really easy to get behind in your classwork and never dig yourself out of that hole. By putting in extra time when you are not required to do you are building a cushion. As an online school your attendance is gauged by how much you log on. It is really easy for life to happen and for something unforeseen to pop up (like an illness or family emergency) and cause you to miss time. If you spend extra time working you build up a bubble for yourself in the event something like this happens.  

As always, if you have questions or comments you can drop them below. The next post topic will be about something so helpful and awesome that it will remain a mystery until it occurs, unless of course you are a member of our school Facebook group. In that case I will tell you sometime in between now and then 🙂

Have a great rest of your week and a wonderful long weekend!

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